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Velcro® Wolf Grey Color now in Stock!

JC Tucker has Velcro Wolf Grey in stock and ready to ship! Wolf grey Velcro is becoming one of the most popular colors for not only military applications but for all other clothing and shoe manufacturers. If you are looking for Velcro Wolf Grey to ship immediately contact us today by calling 800-777-0477 or emailing […]


Velcro® new Unidirectional HTH 719 Quiet Closure for Military, Police and Hunters

Velcro’s new unidirectional Quiet Closure product is a breakthrough for those critical times where disengaging Velcro closures has to be silent. Quiet Closure uses a unidirectional loop design that enables it to release quietly in one direction while holding up to 45” per square inch in the other. Applications that are “no brainers” for this […]